How to bond/unbound addresses

Bond Addresses

To complete the transfer, the Polkadot.js address and the ETH address need to be bonded together and the bonding requires one KSX to be locked.
Only the first transfer needs this Bonding process, subsequent transfers do not need to repeat this step.
The 1 KSX locked due to bond will be refunded to your account when you unbond.
  • Initiate a transfer from Funding to Trading and the window requesting the binding will pop up automatically
  • Click Bonding
  • Click Sign and insert your signature to complete bonding
Now you successfully bonded your SherpaX address with Ethereum address, with 1 KSX locked.

Unbond (gas fee around 0.07KSX)

  • Click on the Polkadot address in the top right corner
  • Click Unbond, the locked 1 KSX will return to your account immediately