Continuous update

1. Questions you may have before trading

Make sure that both extensions are well connected before you perform any transactions.

(1) Having problems accessing the SoSwap website:

You can try removing the Local Storage from your browser.

(2) Token reduction from Funding to Trading:

Before you make any transactions, you need to transfer the number of the tokens you want to trade from the Funding account to the Trading account, once you have done this:
  • You will be charged a deposit to bind the two addresses during the transfer process, which will be refunded to your account if the transaction is successful, or deducted if it fails.
  • Once you have successfully transferred tokens, a corresponding number of tokens will be subtracted from your Funding account and added to the Trading account.

(3) One KSX locked when binding

  • To complete the asset transfer from Funding to Trading account, the SherpaX address and the ETH address need to be bond together and the binding requires one KSX to be locked
  • Only the first transfer needs to be bind, subsequent transfers do not need to repeat this step
  • It will be refunded to your account when you unbound, click on the Polkadot address in the top right corner

(4) Token reduction when using "Bridge" :

  • Transfer Mini from MiniX chain to SherpaX chain will charge 1.25 mini fee from your Mini account, make sure you have the fee in your Mini account)
  • Transfer Mini from SherpaX chain to MiniX chain will charge 1.25 mini fee from your transfer amount

2. Questions you may have during trading

(1) Unable to click the confirm button:

Slippage tolerance is an estimate of price change during the trade and will not affect the logic of the trade. If you are unable to click the confirm button in the extension window during the trade submission, you can try to adjust the Slippage tolerance.

(2) About the arrival of tokens for cross-chain Top Up

After you have completed your cross-chain top-up, make sure you have selected the correct wallet account in the Polkadot.js extension that matches the address you filled in for the transfer
  • The cross-chain transfer portal of PCX/sBTC are currently placed in Sherpax Dapp Wallet, while Mini's cross-chain top-ups and withdrawals can be done directly from the "Bridge" interface of SoSwap
  • Cross-chain transfers take about 10 minutes to show up in your SoSwap Funding interface
  • "Top Up / Withdraw" buttons are used for cross-chain transfers between SherpaX chains and other chains
  • "Transfer" button is only used for same-chain transfers on SherpaX chains.