Getting started

About SoSwap

  • SoSwap is a multi-chain DEX built on the SherpaX Chain. SoSwap supports both EVM tokens and Substrate tokens of the Polkadot ecosystem. It breaks through the transaction barriers between tokens of two different systems.
  • Our SherpaX chain has two modules, Wasm and EVM, so SoSwap built on SherpaX chain can realize the exchange between Substrate tokens and ERC20 tokens.
  • The image above is an example. If you exchange Mini Point for ETH, then this is an example of the complete process. (Please note there is no such trading pair yet)
  • The exchange process between KSX and ERC20 tokens is similar. The KSX on SherpaX originally belongs to the Wasm module, and it needs to be transferred to the EVM (KSX in the EVM will be named wKSX for the time being). Then in the EVM of SherpaX, it is exchanged with some kind of ERC20 token from other chains.

Trading pairs SoSwap supported

  • Token list currently includes: KSX, PCX, MINI, sBTC, USB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, KSM, DOT.
  • In the future, all cross-chain asset-exchanges on SherpaX will be supported.


Whenever you initiate a transaction, there is a transaction fee, also called a gas fee

1. Bonding

1 KSX locked

2. Transfer:

Funding <——> Trading:A very small amount of KSX will be deducted as a transaction fee.

3. Transaction:

(1) Gas fee of approximately 0.01-0.1 KSX, which increases with the amount of the transaction.
(2) Transaction fee ratio of 0.3%, for example, if you trade 100 Mini for KSX, then the transaction fee is 0.3 Mini.

4. Stake

Fixed Gas fee of about 0.1KSX

5. Cross-Chain Bridge:

(1) MiniX to SherpaX: MiniX charges 1.25 Mini (make sure you have the fee in your Mini account);
(2) SherpaX to MiniX: 1.25 Mini gas fee from your transfer amount.
(1) BSC to SherpaX: The transaction fees depend on where you are transferring the tokens from, as they charge different standard of transaction fees.
(2) SherpaX to BSC: 1 USDT/USDC/BUSD from transfer amount
(1) ChainX to SherpaX: very very little
(2) SherpaX to ChainX: service fee 0.1 PCX constantly

Returns on liquidity mining

  • In the initial beta-version, the liquidity provider gets 5/6 of the 0.3% swap fee, which is allocated by the liquidity provider in proportion to its contribution to the liquidity pool.