How to transfer from Funding to Trading account

Take the KSX transfer as an example
The ERC20 tokens on Ethereum belong to the EVM module and the substrate tokens use the WASM module. As we use substrate tokens so we belong to WASM module.
To enable the exchange with other ERC20 tokens and substrate tokens between chains in SoSwap, we have to transfer from WASM(Funding) to EVM(Trading Account).

Funding account

The assets in the funding account must be transferred to the trading account before swap.
  • KSX on SherpaX chain
  • MINI on SherpaX chain
  • sBTC on SherpaX chain
  • USDT/USDC/BUSD on SherpaX chain

Trading account

  • All your assets that are swapable

Transfer Funding to Trading account

Asset interface to complete transfer the KSX you want to swap from Funding to the Trading account before swap (A very small amount of KSX will be deducted as a transaction fee).
  • Click Asset, all your KSX assets will be displayed directly in Funding
  • Select the KSX token
  • Insert the number of KSX to want for swap
  • Click Confirm to complete the transfer from Funding to Trading account
After the successful transfer from Funding to Trading, you can see in the new Trading interface, the number of swappable KSX increased by 1.