How to use Pool

Before you add Liquidity or create a new Pool, you need to have enough MINI and KSX ready in your Funding account
You can see the liquidity of pools you have contributed
If you are adding liquidity for the first time:
  • Click Add Liquidity
  • Insert the number of trading pairs you want to add to the Pool
Depending on the number of trading pairs you want to add, you can see the current token price and your share of the pool.
  • Click Approve MINI
  • Click Supply
  • Click Confirm Supply
  • Click Confirm on Metamask Notification pop-up window
  • Your liquidity was added successfully
Back in the Add Liquidity interface, you can now check the liquidity you have just added to the pool
You can repeat the above steps and continue to add/remove liquidity to adjust the token price

Instruction Video

Video for Google Chrome