How to connect wallet

The wallet is like your Ethereum account, which you use to connect to the SoSwap application and other decentralized applications. That is, to connect your SherpaX address to ETH addresss
Connect your wallet by following steps

Step1: Add extensions

  • CLICK HERE to visit our SoSwap Beta version, you are asked to connect two extensions to be able to use it, Polkadot.js and Metamask.
If you have not downloaded either of these extensions, you can add them by following these two steps:

Step 1: Download the Polkadot js extension

  • Click
    Puzzle button to open Polkadot.js extension
  • Follow the instructions and select Create/Import your Polkadot account
  • Follow the instructions to set up your information
  • Remember to insert your mnemonic phrase when you login

Step 2: Download the Metamask extension

  • Follow the instructions to Import/ Create your Metamask wallet
  • Click
    Puzzle button to add Metamask extension
  • Remember to insert your mnemonic phrase when you login

Step 2: Connect wallet

  • Click "Connect Wallet"
  • Select Metamask, since we currently only support Metamask's wallet link.
  • After you Import/Create Matemask wallet, click Connect wallet to choose the Metamask account you want to connect to SoSwap
Your wallet will prompt you to confirm this connection, either in your browser or on your mobile device. Once confirmed, you will be connected to the SoSwap application and ready to make a transaction.

A key attribute of all decentralized applications:

  • You hold your tokens in a wallet and authorize transactions with your private key.

Your wallet is the gateway to the decentralized application:

  • When you make a transaction, you are sending and receiving tokens to and from that wallet.

Step 3: Add Network

After adding the Metamask wallet, we are in the Ethereum Mainnet. Since we need to use the KSX in the SherpaX chain to swap, we need to connect to the SherpaX network
  • Click Select SHERPAX
Now you can see two extensions are successfully connected

Instruction Video

Video for Google Chrome

SoSwap Connect