How to use Earn

Taking Stake PCX to earn Mini as an example

Before Stake PCX, you need to ensure that your PCX is in your Trading account, if not, please follow the previous tutorial to make transfer.
  • First, make a cross-chain top up in SherpaX Dapp Wallet website OR cross-chain Bridge in SoSwap
  • Second, transfer from Funding account to Trading account

There are two steps to stake PCX to earn MINI:

Step 1

You can only "Enable" the amount of PCX you want to stake within the designated time of Stake (Red Box)
  • Enter the amount of PCX you want to stake
  • Click "Enable" to approve the amount of staked PCX
Then you will see the estimated amount of MINI you can earn on the left.
Once you have staked your PCX here, the PCX will not be in your Trading account and you will not be able to use these PCX for any other transactions during the period between the stake period and the pledge lock-in period.

Step 2

You can only Claim the amount of PCX you have staked for once the designated harvest time has arrived/End of stake lock-in period. (Blue Box)
  • Click "Claim" when the harvest time is up, all steps are finished here.
After the Claim is completed, your staked PCX and your earned Mini will be refunded to your Trading account together.